Community of Practice –Building Knowledge and Expertise Collaboratively

The Gosling Foundation invites medium to large organizations* in the nature and land protection sector to consider being part of a Community of Practice to begin early in 2016.  Limited to up to eight organizations, this group will be invited to learn and apply Engagement Organizing methods through the implementation of a project that contributes to meeting their respective missions.


  • Learn to apply Engagement Organizing methodology to help evolve the culture of practice of your organization.
  • Learn within the context of a project or goal that is integral to your mission.
  • Receive funding to carry out the project over the two-to-three year time frame.

Essential Elements

  • Annual two-day learning institute for up to three members of your leadership.
  • Quarterly online learning and sharing sessions.
  • Ongoing consultant support.
  • Application of Engagement Organizing methodology in the context of a project of your choosing.
  • Guided by metrics collaboratively determined with consultant assistance.
  • Work over a two-to-three year time frame.

Target Organizations

  • Active in the nature and land protection sector.
  • Large enough to have staff.

The Community of Practice is anticipated to commence early in 2016.

Please convey your interest in this opportunity by contacting the Foundation’s Project Consultant.